EasyTime 3 – alpha test rig

Under development is an alpha test rig showing proof of concept – focusing on testing reader communications. The emphasis is on compatibility with existing  EasyTime single reader communications for both the current USB and the previous serial versions of the popular EasyTime swipe card reader.

EasyTime3 alpha test rig
EasyTime3 alpha test rig
EasyTime 3 alpha Settings Log All Data About
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Tested on Windows 7 (32/64 bit), 8.1 and 10, it auto-detects the USB bi-directional reader’s port and detects the type of reader for older bi-directional and display serial (RS232) readers.

The v2 COM1-COM4 restriction is removed.

The issue that some Vista,7,8 PCs had with the Windows usbser.sys driver for the USB reader is resolved by using .Net libraries.

Please note this is just an in-house test rig – its user interface may not necessarily be the same for the production release.