We’ve been commissioned by a long-established UK Time and Attendance company to design and develop a new version of their EasyTime product.

  EasyTime is a low-cost yet capable solution for the automation of employee attendance recording in offices, workshops and factories. It includes a swipe reader for recording arrivals and departures, a set of durable, plastic, credit-card sized employee ID badges and a simple yet effective Windows-based software package for recording and managing the attendance data.

Our first task is to analyse the existing product functionality as the new version is intended to be compatible with existing users of EasyTime and both the current USB and the previous serial versions of the popular bi-directional EasyTime swipe card reader.

The aim will be to produce a new Windows application, using the .NET environment, but which should run on most, if not all, of the current installed user base as well as new systems.

We are tasked with keeping the application’s install foot-print light but at the same time extensible for additional features in future versions.

This is an exciting commission for a popular, established real-world product.